Hyrbid Heat Systems

Burning money is no way to heat your home. Gas? Or electric? With utility costs being so unpredictable these days, you can waste a lot of energy trying to guess which fuel source is going to be most economical this winter. Literally and figuratively. That's where our intelligent Hybrid Heat dual fuel system comes in—because it does all the thinking for you.

Stay warm all winter, cool all summer and a little richer all year long.

In combining an Infinity® heat pump and gas furnace with an Infinity control, this unique system is unbelievably efficient and almost Einstein-level smart. The system gauges the outside air temperature and then selects the fuel source that's most cost-efficient for the conditions.

In cool weather, for example, using your gas furnace may be overkill and an electric heat pump could be all you need to heat your home. The system recognizes this—engaging your heat pump to save on fossil fuel use which can, ultimately, save you money.

When temperatures start to drop into the frozen popsicle range outside, a heat pump may not cut it and the furnace becomes necessary. No problem. Your system will shift modes, never missing a beat to keep your home a cozy, barefoot paradise.

Another benefit of the heat pump is that—despite the name—it also works to cool the air. So when the weather changes and the heat waves start coming, the heat pump actually does the work of an air conditioner, so those ice cubes will keep clinking in your lemonade.

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