Ductless Carrier Overview

What is Ductless?

You guessed it – no ductwork. With a Ductless system from Carrier, you don’t need it. Whether you live in a new home or an older home without ductwork or you want more complete year-round climate control over a specific room or area of your home, Ductless systems are an efficient way to expand your comfort, no matter the challenges your space presents.

How Does It Work?

Pretty darn well, if we do say so ourselves. Single or multi-zone systems. Heating and cooling or just cooling. Whatever your needs, wherever your space, however you use it, Ductless systems offer customizable solutions that are efficient and quiet.

Single and Multi-Zone Systems

Ductless systems can be configured with either one or multiple indoor units powered by a single exterior compressor.


Ductless air conditioners and heat pumps can be installed so that one indoor unit corresponds to one outdoor compressor. The compressor carries refrigerant and power to the interior unit via a small pipe, running through a small opening, installed with very little impact to your home.


One outdoor compressor can power up to nine indoor units, each separately controlled by a wireless remote, offering you flexible options for configuring your comfort solutions. You can even choose to add units to your compressor in the future after you’ve installed just two indoor units (depending on the maximum number of connectable units), allowing for more streamlined expansion or renovation of your home as time and budget allow.

Inverter Technology

We’re not blowing hot air. Ductless systems from Carrier use ultra-quiet Inverter technology, operating at variable speeds, which results in more even temperature control, greater energy savings and powerful dehumidification. The compressor speed modulates automatically, much like a car on cruise control, so the system isn’t constantly running at maximum capacity and only draws energy when it’s needed.

Carrier MF Series


ComfortTM Series ductless air conditioners are designed with your budget in mind. The 38MFC model has an Inverter compressor that attains 15.0 SEER cooling and so you can enjoy a higher level of comfort. It is paired with the 40MFC High Wall indoor unit to create the MF Ductless System, giving you plenty of comfort choices.

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* 38MFQ - Heat Pump

* 38MFC - Air Conditioner

* 40MFQ - High Wall Unit

* 40MFC - High Wall Unit

Carrier MA Series


The Performance series is all about choice. You can choose a heat pump—for cool-season heating and warm-season cooling—or an air conditioner unit. You can even opt for a system that’s designed for open floor plans or multiple rooms. Performance units offer impressive energy efficiency (up to 25.0 SEER) and ultra quiet operation (as low as 27 decibels). Also, they help dehumidify your treated rooms in the summer months. No matter which unit you select, you'll enjoy the benefits of a multi-speed fan and a wireless remote.

Designed for versatility and year-round comfort, the MA Series full heating capacity even as temperatures outside dip to 5° F (with the right combination of model size and matched indoor unit). This quiet, compact heat pump pairs with a variety of indoor units for a budget-friendly and flexible solution to your duct-challenged comfort needs. Part of our PerformanceTM Series, this model really delivers with features like variable speed operation for extra efficiency and reduced sound.

Click for more information on the following models:

* 38MAR - Heat Pump with Basepan Heater

* 40MAQ - High Wall Indoor Unit

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